About Vyzrd

Supporting boards and executives with business and investment intelligence to navigate climate change.

A snow-capped mountain that features a glacial landform. The landscape is a stunning combination of snow, sky, and natural beauty.

Vyzrd empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of climate change with confidence.

By transforming intricate climate data into actionable business insights, we help our clients stay ahead in a rapidly evolving global market. Our commitment is to make climate intelligence not only accessible but integral to strategic decision-making.


To be the world's most trusted source for climate intelligence, reshaping how businesses perceive and respond to climate change. We envision a future where every company is equipped with the insights needed to thrive sustainably in a changing world.


Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge climate analytics that drive financial performance and sustainability. We aim to transform complex climate challenges into growth opportunities for our clients, fostering a seamless integration of environmental responsibility into business strategy.

What makes Vyzrd Unique?

Vyzrd stands out with its proprietary TruQube™ analytics engine, a comprehensive ecosystem that integrates ESG, sustainability, and climate risk metrics seamlessly. This AI-powered engine is at the core of our ability to deliver bespoke, actionable insights. Unlike other platforms, Vyzrd's solutions are deeply rooted in the unique context of each client, offering a level of customization and relevance unmatched in the industry.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is the cornerstone of our success, comprising individuals with extensive and relevant expertise. These seasoned professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of our industry, driving innovation and steering our company towards a sustainable future.

Sunil Rana

Founder & CEO

Sydney, Australia


  • Held senior leadership positions and worked across global management consulting firms such as Oliver Wyman, BCG, and Mercer Consulting

  • ~25 years of experience across a range of topics covering corporate strategy, sustainability, economic development, public policy design, PE / value creation, and venture capital

Ross Allen

Chief Commercial Officer

Sydney, Australia

  • Held senior leadership roles at IHS Markit (now, S&P Global). An early member of the team during its start-up days

  • Over 20+ years of global valuations and risk experience across public and private equity, debt, and derivatives


Kevin Bourne

Head of Markets

London, UK

  • 30+ years of experience; held senior leadership/ExCo roles at global institutions such as FTSE/LSEG, HSBC and S&P Global Sustainable1

  • Instrumental in developing industry leading models in the ESG domain

  • Works closely with and advises multiple industry bodies and forums on sustainability and climate change agenda


Greg Wallace

Head of Quant

London, UK

  • Held senior leadership roles across a number of global financial institutions such as S&P Global Sustainable1, Credit Suisse and ABN Amro

  • 35+ years in quantitative finance & investment research


Rosen Virk

Head of Product Research

Sydney, Australia

  • 25 years of experience across roles with global firms such as PwC / Bearing Point US and EITC among others

  • Extensive experience in program management, product innovation, and digital transformation topics


Advisory Board Members

Our advisory board comprises leaders from diverse industries, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective. What unites them is a shared passion for sustainability and a deep commitment to addressing the climate impact challenge. Their strategic advice and support play a crucial role in shaping our vision and driving our mission forward.

Mike Clark

Fellow, IFoA
Former NED, Brunel (LGPS)

London, UK

  • A visionary in responsible investment and climate risk management, Mike has contributed to groundbreaking initiatives like GFANZ and served as Specialist Advisor to the UK House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee. A co-author of the influential "No Time To Lose" paper, Mike champions the concept of Planetary Solvency and drives critical climate scenario advancements through the Real World Climate Scenarios initiative.

Dr. Rebecca Harding

Senior Fellow, British Foreign Policy Group
Centre for Economic Security, UK

London, UK

  • A leading expert in trade economics, digital trade, and sustainable supply chains, Dr. Harding is a Senior Fellow at the British Foreign Policy Group and founder of Rebeccanomics. She drives global initiatives in economic security and sustainable trade. Named the “Net Zero Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2022, Dr. Harding has built three successful technology businesses and co-authored influential books like “The Weaponization of Trade.”

Prof. Stuart L. Hart

Professor in Residence, University of Michigan
S.C. Johnson Professor Emeritus, Cornell

Michigan, US

  • A globally recognized authority on sustainable business strategy, Professor Hart has authored influential books, including “Capitalism at the Crossroads” and “Beyond Shareholder Primacy.” His award-winning article “Beyond Greening” helped launch corporate sustainability, and his co-authored piece with Prof. C. K. Prahalad, “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid” pioneered the concept of businesses serving the world’s poorest profitably.

Our Head Offices


Level 30, The Leadenhall Building,122 Leadenhall St
London, UK


Level 29, Chifley Tower, 2 Chifley Square
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

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